GRCTools International data toolbox    Unique global address standardization, parsing and formatting software. Includes GRCCountry. For if you're really committed to data quality. The online manual is available here Many companies now have address databases containing addresses from many different countries, and many of these are increasingly being used for cross-border mailings. Up to now, however, there have been problems in using and outputting this data given the differences in language, format and expectations within and between these different countries.  If you have any experience in international address data management, you will have a good idea of how difficult it can be to put your knowledge into practice.  GRCTools has been written to help you.   GRCTools is an address standardisation and address data manipulation program.  It does not postally validate addresses, but it parses, standardizes and cleans address elements so that address validation programs work more effectively on your data, and so that customers receiving your mail see a good quality and correctly formatted address data.  GRCTools works on two premises - that data should be consistent, and that data should be accurate. Though address data formats differ to such an extent between countries that consistency throughout a database is said to be achievable only at the expense of accuracy, GRCTools ensures consistency and accuracy on a country and/or language region level. GRCTools puts our vast array of knowledge and lookup tables, collected over 20 years and distilled from analysis of millions of real-world data records into practice.  GRCTools is not a "black box" package, behind a flashy interface, forcing you to accept other people's norms for your data. It allows you to get right at your data. GRCTools is modular and contains processes which can be run over data from almost any of the world's countries.  The modules included are described in detail in the online manual. A 3-minute overview of GRCTools. A better quality Flash version of this video is available here Reviews and user comments "The software is working excellently - providing really good data and helping cleans tens of thousands of address records very well and very efficiently." A UK-based household and office goods supplier. "Thanks again for all your help with our custom application that utilizes GRC dlls.  Everything has been working great and we now have really great data". A US-based internet services company "GRCTools has made significant improvements to our data manipulation issues.  Instead of someone spending 5 hours to manually sort out some of the data, with GRCTools we can do it in 5 minutes.  As and when new isses occur, the software is quickly updated to meet our needs.  This is an excellent product and does things no other products on the market can do."  Jeremy Lake, Data Team Leader, Informa UK "GRCTools is an excellent product ... at the price, it can't be beaten!" Database Marketing Magazine, January 2003 - read the full review here "I have been using GRCTools extensively for pre-processing our mailing lists prior to sending to address correction. The results have been great! I very satisfied with the results of GRCTools." Robert D. Oden, Database  Marketing Technologies, Inc. An independent test has shown how GRCTools can save money on de-duplication processes.  Read about it here. GRCTools’ processes GRCTools can improve your data in the following ways: ASSIGN country codes PARSE postal codes, settlement names, thoroughfare types, post office box information, building numbers, sorting codes, provinces, department strings, building strings, sub-building strings, university strings, forms of address, personal name suffixes, telephone numbers and invalid data strings STANDARDISE settlement names, postbox information, thoroughfare types, company types, job titles, department strings, building strings, sub-building strings, university strings, house number format and "and" strings FORMAT postal codes IMPROVE casing, accenting, punctuation use and article placement ADD language region codes REMOVE non-numeric characters, punctuation, double spaces, postal code country codes, quotation mark pairs Details can be found in the online manual. Some examples: This                                           can become this using GRCTools A B C GMBH                              A.B.C. GmbH 17, BERLINER STRASSE         Berliner Straße 17 COLOGNE 34123                      34123 KÖLN G A MASCI SPA                         G.A. Masci SpA 27 V V EMMANUAL II                via V. Emmanual II 27 00120 ROME                             00120 ROMA RO G.r. rhind                                    G.R. Rhind POB 15213                                Postbus 15213 nl-1001me  Amsterdam             1001 ME  AMSTERDAM Robert Du Pont                          Robert DU PONT AV.DE PARIS, 23                       23, avenue de Paris 75005 Paris                               75005 PARIS Technical details, speed test results, screen shots and other resources The batch version manual can be viewed here. The COM DLL manual can be downloaded here. Download a PowerPoint presentation showing how GRCTools improves data here For technical details and screen shots, please check this page. Read a review of GRCTools from Database Marketing Magazine, January 2003 here Review how an independent test has shown how GRCTools saves money on de-duplication processes here If you would like to see how  GRCTools can help you if you have one of the problems outlined below, read the Acrobat file which shows you: o "The different parts of my addresses in my database are all mixed up. How can GRCTools help me to parse this data into different fields?" o "How can GRCTools help to standardise and format my data to make it more suitable for mailing and to improve the performance of de-duplication and postal validation programs?" Prices Addresses are complex.  If you would rather that we run GRCTools over your data to ensure maximum accuracy, please let us know.  There is a minimum job charge of EUR 100. The desktop version is free. You can order other versions of GRCTools by credit card here For the DLL COM component of GRCTools: GRCTools is available as a Visual Foxpro COM component dll.  This allows users to integrate the  processes within GRCTools into their own systems, and to pass strings to GRCTools individually rather than running the program as a batch process.  For more information, refer to the manual here.  (COM dlls can be addressed from virtually any programming language running under Microsoft Windows:  Access, ASP, C, C++, Crystal Reports, Delphi, Java (under Windows), Microsoft Office (in Macros), .NET products, Perl (under Windows) , PHP (under Windows), Python (under Windows), Ruby (under Windows), T-SQL, Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro and others.  Please refer to your software's documentation for details.).  The price for the DLL component is EUR 1995, including free updates of lookup tables for 1 year after purchase.  You can continue to use the COM component after that time, but to continue receiving the quarterly lookup table updates the price is EUR 495 per annum.  These prices are for use on a single computer within a single company.  Multiple licenses can be negotiated.  Integration into products to be sold on to third parties is not allowed.  For integration into products to be sold outside your company there is no fixed pricing structure.  The price would depend on the place the knowledge takes within the product to be distributed, the price of the product, the expected sales and so on.  We are flexible in pricing in this case as you have insight into your budgets and business plans.  In this case we request that for this option you contact us with a proposal. We are interested to know whether there are any standardisation or other procedures that you would like to see in GRCTools.  If you have any ideas, requests or questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. Frequently asked questions Q.  Do you have GRCTools in the form of a callable API or other component? A. Yes, please see the paragraph above.  You can also access the callable online modules - see here for details. Q. I would like to integrate knowledge from GRCTools into a product which will be distributed outside my company.  Is that possible? A. Certainly.  However, for this option there is no fixed pricing structure.  The price would depend on the place the knowledge takes within the product to be distributed, the price of the product, the expected sales and so on.  We are flexible in pricing in this case as you have insight into your budgets and business plans.  In this case we request that for this option you contact us with a proposal. If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us.
We have withdrawn GRCTools as a free download. GRCTools is written in Visual Foxpro and works on even the newest Windows operating systems, and we continue to use it internally. However, we have noted that its reliability on newer systems has started to degrade, and that few people now have enough understanding about working with dBase files to be able to use it. GRCTools would benefit from being re-written in a more modern programming language. GRCTools is complex, and we are unable to commit the time to do this, but if you have any interest in a venture to work on these improvements, please let us know. If you do feel that you have the necessary background to work with GRCTools on dbf files and would like to try the software, please contact us on: grctools ((at)) The information below is provided only for legacy purposes.
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The advantages of using GRCTools
Realistically priced. In fact, the desktop version is free! Based on extensive knowledge from industry experts after years of research Works for all countries, even those where postal tables are not available Improves the effectiveness of validation and de-duplication processes Makes your data look good in the eye of the reader The software and tables are constantly being updated and improved
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