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Accessibility - definitions

Accessibility : capable of being reached, capable of being used or seen. 

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Accessibility : The characteristic of being able to access data when it is required. 

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Source: Larry English, IAIDQ, External, 11-Jan-2009 14:32)

Accessibility - A characteristic of data. It means that the data should be easily obtainable.

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Source: The Data Governance Institute, 16 November 2009 08:37:42, External

Accessibility - means that the data is available in an optimal manner for those who are authorized users.

Craig S. Mullins, 16 November 2009 10:25:37, External

Accessibility- The extent to which data is available, or easily and quickly retrievable.

Source: Public Schools of North Carolina, 21 April 2010 10:00:20, External

Accessibility - Data accessibility is about users' ability to read and update the data needed for the business processes for which they are responsible. A high level of accessibility requires that data be understandable and well documented. Accessibility is a data and information quality dimension.

Master data management embraces governing the access rights and approval functionality around master data as part of proactive data governance.

A related discipline is metadata management. The term "metadata" is often used to refer to "information about information." This discipline covers documentation and an enterprise-wide common understanding about what is in the data.

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Stibo Systems, 13 May 2011 09:27:20, External

Accessibility - Accessibility means making content and services available to anyone irrespective of physical or mental disability.  in a broader sense, accessibility means availability to anyone irrespective of variation between people and between the situations where they act. 

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accessibility - (1) [business] An aggregate measure of the degree of ease with which a place, person, or thing can be reached, depending on factors such as slope, traffic, distance, and so on.

(2) [usability] The degree to which Web sites, software, or computers provide equivalent information and functionality to a variety of people, including those with disabilities or visual impairment.

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Source: esri, 07 January 2012 09:04:32, External

Accessibility - A dimension of quality relating to the ease with which statistical data and published estimates can be retrieved, used and understood.

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Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 21 November 2012 11:50:45, External 

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