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Address Change Service (ACS)

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Address Change Service (ACS) - definitions

Address Change Service (ACS) - An automated process that provides change-of-address information to participating mailers who maintain computerized mailing lists. The information is captured in the Computerized Forwarding System (CFS) units and sent to mailers on electronic media, which reduces the volume of manual change-of-address notices.

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Address Change Service - An automated address correction process that provides to participating mailers a data file containing change-of-address and undeliverable-as-addressed information. ACS is used in conjunction with Ancillary Service endorsements Change Service Requested and Address Service Requested. Three ACS products are available: (a) traditional ACS, in which the mailer modifies the address block to include an ACS Participant Code (#B) and optional keyline; (b) OneCode ACS, in which the mailer requests ACS using the Intelligent Mail barcode; and (c) Full Service ACS, in which the mailer uses the Intelligent Mail barcode and also presents mail that qualifies for Full Service discounts. Fees charged for ACS vary by mail class, mail shape, and mail product.

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Address Change Service (ACS) - An automated process of the US Postal Service providing change-of-address information to businesses and organizations maintaining computerized database mailing lists.

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Address Change Service (ACS) - A computerized version of the Address Correction Requested service. To be eligible for this service, the mailer requests an identifying code which must print as the first line of the address block. Information on moves and non-delivery is supplied on magnetic media. Fees for ACS are lower than for ACR.

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Address Change Service (ACS) - An automated address correction process providing change-of-address and undeliverable-as-addressed information to participating mailers.

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