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Affinity Diagram

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Affinity Diagram - definitions

Affinity Diagram - A management tool for organizing information (usually gathered during a brainstorming activity).

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Source: American Society for Quality, 29 August 2010 11:10:06, External

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Affinity Diagram - A tool used to organize and present large amounts of data (ideas, issues, solutions, problems) into logical categories based on user perceived relationships and conceptual frameworking.

Often used in form of "sticky notes" send up to front of room in brainstorming exercises, then grouped by facilitator and workers. Final diagram shows relationship between the issue and the category. Then categories are ranked, and duplicate issues are combined to make a simpler overview.

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Source: iSixSigma, 30 December 2010 08:10:32, External

Affinity Diagram - A way to organize facts, opinions, ideas and issues into natural groupings as an aid to diagnosis on a complex problem. A large number of ideas are generated and then organized into groupings to reveal major themes.

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Source: The Quality Portal, 30 March 2011 07:53:39, External

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