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Anti-Phishing Service

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Anti-Phishing Service - definition(s)

Anti-phishing service - Services to prevent losses from phishing attempts typically include computerized applications or personnel to assist with:

   * detection,
   * notification,
   * containment,
   * forensics, and
   * prosecution.

Detection services collect information from thousands of decoy e-mail accounts spread across the web and screen them for phishing attempts. When a phishing attempt is detected, the customer is notified so that they can immediately take preventative action, sometimes contacting their own customers to warn them of the fraud attempt. Anti-phishing service providers can also notify major ISPs so that messages from the phishing source can be blocked from the mailboxes of millions of potential victims, along with other kinds of spam.

The best anti-phishing service providers have staff that are trained in forensics. They do the research necessary to find the people responsible and, when possible, provide their customers the information they need to prosecute.

The primary customers for anti-phishing services are large banks and service providers who want to preserve customer confidence in their on-line services.

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