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Applet - definition(s)

Applet - A small Java program that can be embedded in an HTML page. They cannot access certain resources on local computers such as files and serial devices and are prohibited from communication with most other computers across a network.

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applet - A small application, with limited functionality, designed to operate in a componentware and/or middleware environment. Large, multifunctional, `monolithic` applications can be, and in the future often will be, broken into single-function applets that interoperate with other applets, and that can be assembled, perhaps only temporarily, into a user`s work environment. Java applets, for example, are typically downloaded via the Internet into your computer`s program memory, where they accomplish their task (such as `let the user zoom on this geodata`) and then `evaporate`.

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applet - [non-ESRI software] A small program that usually executes from within a Web browser. Applets are compatible with most platforms, and can also be used within applications or devices that support applets.

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