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Application Program Interface, API

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Application Program Interface (API) - definitions

Application Program Interface (API) - An API, short for application program interface, is a version of a full program broken down into a group of files that contain the core functionality of that program. This functionality can be integrated into other programs, like your company's CRM, through function calls which are written into the program code.

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Application Program Interface (API) -Communicates POS ONE applications with USPS information systems as well as with specific service providers such as the bank card processor.

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Application Program Interface - Set of specified procedures or functions provided by a service or operating system to computer programs' requests for support. Commonly abbreviated as API.

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Application Programming Interface (API) - An interface definition that permits invoking services from application programs without knowing details of their internal implementation.

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API - [programming] Acronym for application programming interface. A set of interfaces, methods, protocols, and tools that application developers use to build or customize a software program. APIs make it easier to develop a program by providing building blocks of prewritten, tested, and documented code that are incorporated into the new program. APIs can be built for any programming language.

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API - This stands for Application Programmer's Interface which is a set of tools to make it easy for programmers to add address lookup seamlessly to their own applications. Our API tools include many search functions, code examples and reference material.

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