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Array - definition(s)

Array - Listing of items in sequence order - either ascending (SIC) or descending (Penetration). A means to organize data in a given consistent way.

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(1) [GPS] A set of objects that are connected to function as a unit. In GPS technology, an array of satellites is used to pinpoint locations on the earth.

(2) [mathematics] In computing, a fundamental data structure consisting of a variable with multiple, sequentially indexed, cells that can each store a value of the same type. Each cell of the array acts as a variable, and the cells are referenced by an index value for each array dimension. One-dimensional arrays, called vectors, and two-dimensional arrays, called matrices, are most common, but arrays may have more dimensions.

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Array - Geïndexeerde rangschikking van gegevens van hetzelfde type in een of meer dimensies.

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