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Authentication - definition(s)

Authentication : The process of verifying that a person requesting a resource, such as data or a transaction, has authority or permission to access that resource.

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Authentication - authentication is the process that requires an online visitor to enter a user ID and password in order to access resources on a web site.

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authentication - Authentication is a process where a person or a computer program proves their identity in order to access information. The person's identity is a simple assertion, the login ID for a particular computer application, for example. Proof is the most important part of the concept and that proof is generally something known, like a password; something possessed, like your ATM card; or something unique about your appearance or person, like a fingerprint...

Strong authentication will require at least two of these proofs.

State of the art authentication processes are tightly linked with encryption or crypto systems. In a world where the application that wants to authenticate you is on the other side of an open network like the Internet, the password that is your proof must be sent encrypted or it's no longer a secret.

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Authentication - Security measure designed to establish the validity of a transmission, message, or originator, or a means of verifying an individual's authorization to receive specific categories of information.

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authentication - [computing] The process of validating the identity of a user who logs on to a computer system, network, or Web site.

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