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Barcode / Bar-Code (BC)

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Barcode / Bar-Code (BC) - definitions

Barcode (BC) - A series of vertical bars and spaces that represent any numerical series, most often a correct ZIP Code for the delivery address on a mailpiece. The barcode facilitates automated processing by barcode readers and scanners. Barcodes that may be used for postal processing are POSTNET, Interleaved 2-of-5, Code 39, Code 128, and UCC/EAN Code 128. (Also see delivery point bar code (DPBC) and Postal Numeric Encoding Technique (POSTNET) .)

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Bar-Code - A series of vertical bars that represent the numerics of a Delivery Point, a ZIP+4 or ZIP Code. Bar-code on mailpieces can be read by high-speed equipment that automatically sorts mail into a pre-programmed sequence. Mailers obtain discounts for pre-barcoding mail. Letter mail requires Delivery Point Bar-code, representing the ZIP+4 plus the final two digits of the house number. Flat mail can use either Delivery Point or ZIP+4 Bar-code. Under Classification Reform, both First Class Mail and Standard Mail have new subclasses with a separate rate structure for bar-coded mail.

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Barcode - A series of vertical bars and spaces in a linear arrangement most often representing a ZIP Code.

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Barcode - A unique code used for automated mail sorting that is derived from a Delivery Point Suffix and a Postcode.

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