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Baseline - definitions

Baseline - A snapshot of the state of a process, service, or item frozen at a point in time for a particular purpose; a marker against which change is measured.

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Baseline - 1. A starting point or condition against which future changes are measured. 2. A named set of object versions which fixes a configuration at a particular point in time. A baseline normally represents a milestone or key deliverable of a project.

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Baseline - A snapshot of the state of inputs/outputs frozen at a point in time for a particular process.  A baseline should be recordered to establish a starting point to measure the changes achieved with any process improvement.

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Baseline, baselining - An effective method for identifying security attacks on a network, baselining starts by measuring normal activity on a network or network device. That measurement is used as threshold, or baseline, to detect unusual patterns or changes in levels of activity. With this method, the security expert can focus efforts on evaluating anomalies instead of looking for them by reviewing huge log files.

Some commonly baselined security events are:

   * initiation and termination of network sessions,
   * bandwidth use,
   * user logins and logouts,
   * failed logins, and
   * rates and types of network traffic.

The term is also used to refer to other security practices. A baseline, or security baseline often refers to an organizational standard for securely configuring network devices.

It can also refer to the results of an organization's first security assessment. This becomes the baseline against which the organization measures improvements and changes.

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baseline - 

   (1) [surveying] An accurately surveyed line from which other lines or the angles between them are measured.
   (2) [surveying] In a U.S. land survey system, a line passing east and west through the origin, used to establish township, section, and quarter-section corners.
   (3) [GPS] In GPS, the physical distance between a base station and a rover.

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