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Bias - definitions

Bias - (1) Statistical error resulting in the distortion of measurement data caused by conscious or unconscious prejudice or faulty measurement technique such as an incorrect calibration of measurement equipment. (2) A vested interest, or strongly held paradigm or condition that may skew the results of sampling, measuring, or reporting the findings of a quality assessment. For example, if information producers audit their own information quality, they will have a bias to overstate its quality. If data is sampled in such a way that it does not reflect the entire population sampled, the sample result will be biased.

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Bias - In this context, an unconscious distortion in the interpretation of information.

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Bias - Bias in a sample is the presence or influence of any factor that causes the population or process being sampled to appear different from what it actually is. Bias is introduced into a sample when data is collected without regard to key factors that may influence it. A one line description of bias might be: "It is the difference between the observed mean reading and reference value."

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Bias - The systematic or persistent distortion of a measurement process, which causes errors in one direction (i.e., the expected sample measurement is different from the sample's true value).

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Bias - A systematic error which contributes to the difference between a population mean of measurements or test results and an accepted reference value. It is the difference between the observed range of measurements and a reference (known) value.

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(1) Inclination or prejudice in favour of a particular person, thing or viewpoint.

(2) A systematic distortion of data which causes resulting estimates to deviate from the true value.

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