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Binomial Distribution

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Binomial Distribution - definitions

Binomial Distribution - In a situation where there are exactly two mutually exclusive outcomes (Ex: Success or Failure) of a trial, to find the x success in N trials with p as the probability of success on a single trial.


Team A has won 15 Cricket Matches out of 50 played. What is the probability of winning atmost 5 matches in the next 10 matches?

x = 5, N = 10 and p = 15/50 = 0.3

Mean = N * p = 10 * 0.3 = 3

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Binomial Distribution - The distribution of a binomial response variable, one which has two possible outcomes - yes, no; pass, fail, etc.

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binomial distribution - [statistics] A distribution describing the probability of obtaining exactly K successes in N independent trials, where each trial results in either a success or a failure.

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