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Black Belt (BB)

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Black Belt (BB) - definitions

Black Belt (BB) - Full-time team leader responsible for implementing process improvement projects"”define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) or define, measure, analyze, design and verify (DMADV)"”within a business to drive up customer satisfaction and productivity levels.

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Black Belt (BB) - Six Sigma team leaders responsible for implementing process improvement projects within the business to increase customer satisfaction levels and business productivity. Black Belts are knowledgeable and skilled in the use of the Six Sigma methodology and tools.

Black Belts have typically completed four weeks of Six Sigma training, and have demonstrated mastery of the subject matter through the completion of project(s) and an exam.

Black Belts coach Green Belts and receive coaching and support from Master Black Belts.

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Black Belt - A leadership structure for Six-sigma process improvement teams. Black Belts are highly-regarded, technically-oriented product or line personnel who have an ability to lead teams as well as to advise management.

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