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Business Reply Mail (BRM)

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Business Reply Mail (BRM) - definitions

Business Reply Mail (BRM) - A domestic service that allows a mailer to receive First-Class Mail back from customers and pay postage only for the pieces returned to the mailer from the original distribution of BRM pieces. These pieces must have a specific address and format. Postage and fees are collected when the mail is delivered back to the original mailer.

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Business Reply MailTM (BRM) - A direct response mail service, available in the form of a postage paid, pre-addressed card or envelope, bearing the appropriate design elements approved by Source: Canada Post, used by businesses, publishers, government departments, fundraisers and other organizations to seek responses from recipients within Canada and around the world. [Corrrespondance-réponse d'affairesMC (CRA)]

Note: Business Reply Mail is a trademark of Canada Post.

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