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Cache - definition(s)

Cache - Pronounced "cash." The storage of recently visited sites and data which can be accessed from computer memory instead of linking the server each time you return to the site. This speeds the access time, but does not reflect any changes to the site while in the cache. On rapidly changing sites you may need to click the reload button in order to read the most recent changes.

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Cache - A high speed dynamic memory used as a buffer between the CPU and physical disk storage to mitigate or eliminate potential speed differences between access times to physical disks and faster system memory. In storage arrays cache implementation is usually nonvolatile to ensure data integrity.

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Cache - A cache is a type of dynamic and high speed memory that is used to supplement the function of the central processing unit and the physical disk storage. The cache acts as a buffer when the CPU tries to access data from the disk so the data traveling from the CPU and physical disks can have synchronized speed. Disk reading and writing process is generally slower than CPU function.

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