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Cancellation - definitions

Cancellation - A postmark that contains the post office name, state, ZIP Code, and month, day, and year that the mail matter was canceled. (Also see hand-stamped cancellation.)

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Cancellation - List order cancellations usually result in no charge unless the list has been run prior to cancellation, in which case a run charge is usually assessed. Cancellation of a continuity program or a "til forbid" contract must be in writing. Cancellation of a subscription billed with the delivery of the first issue is usually satisfied by marking and returning the invoice.

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cancellation - An impression used to mark a postage stamp to prevent its reuse. The cancellation mark may be done by machine, hand stamp, or indelible pencil if missed by initial processing. A date, time and location is usually included in the cancelling die. [Obliteration]

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