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Catalogue : The component of a Database Management System (DBMS) where physical characteristics about the database are stored, such as its physical design schema, table or file names, primary keys, foreign key relationships, and other data required for the DBMS to manage the data

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Catalog - Bound Printed Matter consisting entirely of advertising.

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Catalog - A catalog is a named collection of schemas used with really large databases where even multiple schemas may not prove sufficient to maintain a distinction between tables. The catalog also contains the information schema, which holds the system tables that in turn hold the metadata associated with other contained schemas. See also: Schema.

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Catalog - The provision of a specialty store with a very broad line in print. By 1995, one out of every six pieces mailed by third class bulk mail that carried advertising consisted of bound pieces of 20 pages or more. Such catalogs now total approximately 10 billion and are placed in the mainstream by over 12,000 separate entities, primarily catalog companies and major retailers. Business-to-Business catalogs are believed to be some 10% by volume of catalogs mailed to consumers.

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Catalog - A component of a data dictionary that contains a directory of its DBMS objects as well as attributes of each object.

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Catalog - A component of a data dictionary that contains a directory of its DBMS objects as well as attributes of each object.

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Catalog - A component of a data dictionary that contains a directory of its DBMS objects as well as attributes of each object.

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catalog - A collection of entries, each of which describes and points to a feature collection. Catalogs include indexed listings of feature collections, their contents, their coverages, and other metadata. Registers the existence, location, and description of feature collections held by an Information Community. Catalogs provide the capability to add and delete entries. At a minimum Catalog will include the name for the feature collection and the locational handle that specifies where this data may be found. The means by which an Information Community advertises its holdings to members of the Information Community and to the rest of the world. Each catalog is unique to its Information Community.

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Catalog - Een onderdeel van een data dictionary dat een geïndexeerde lijst bevat van de objecten en de attributen van ieder object, binnen een database systeem. Zie ook: 'data dictionary'. Wordt door sommige leveranciers ook gebruikt als benaming voor de laag tussen het rapportage- en het datamodel. Deze bevat bijvoorbeeld semantiek, lijsten met waarden, etc.. Is in deze laatste betekenis ook synoniem voor repository.

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Catalogue - A catalogue is how Cognos Impromptu presents a view of data to its end user.  The view has been organized in a logical format for business reporting and is displayed in a file folder format, such as that used in Windows Explorer.

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catalogue - (Publications Mail terminology)

* bound printed matter containing a listing of items arranged in alphabetical or systematic order with details of products or services for sale and which may include prices and item numbers

* catalogues typically contain an index or table of contents and/or the word CATALOGUE or CATALOG

* also see advertising brochure

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Catalogue - (Terminologie du service Poste-publications)

* pages imprimées reliées comprenant une liste d'articles présentés par ordre alphabétique ou par catégories et comportant des détails sur les produits ou services à vendre, notamment le prix et le numéro des articles

* les catalogues comprennent habituellement un index ou une table des matières, et/ou le mot CATALOGUE ou CATALOG

* voir également brochure publicitaire

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catalog - In computing, a catalog is a directory of information about data sets, files, or a database. A catalog usually describes where a data set, file or database entity is located and may also include other information, such as the type of device on which each data set or file is stored.

Related glossary terms: Binary Large Object (BLOB), data structure, data mart (datamart), ECMAScript (European Computer Manufacturers Association Script), Visual FoxPro, segment, block, flat file

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