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Certification - definitions

Certification - The USPS periodically tests the accuracy of the commercial software that uses postal files for processing. Address matching software used in ZIP+4 processing must be CASS-certified annually. On a voluntary basis, vendors may PAVE-certify postal presort software, and may certify the accuracy of the bar-code print image.

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Certification - 1. Process by which the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities of an individual - such as a translator or interpreter - or an organization - such as an LSP - are evaluated. 2. Statement from a translator regarding his or her qualifications and attesting to the accuracy of the translation.

See also: Accreditation

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Certification - The result of a person meeting the established criteria set by a certificate granting organization.

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Certification - The process of testing and evaluation against specifications designed to document, verify, and recognize the competence of a person, organization, or other entity to perform a function or service, usually for a specified time.

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