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Common Cause

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Common Cause - definitions

Common Cause - An inherent source of variation in the output of a process due to natural variation in the process. See also Special causes.

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Common Cause - Causes of variation that are inherent in a process over time. They affect every outcome of the process and everyone working in the process.

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Source: American Society for Quality, 11 September 2010 10:05:01, External

Common Cause - A source of Quality failure that is always present as part of the random Variation inherent in the Process itself. Its origin can usually be traced to an element of the process which only management can correct. The less well-defined a process is, the more it is subject to random variation, resulting in a higher level of quality failures (bugs). In general, and very approximately, Common Causes outweigh Special Causes as origins of quality failures by four to 1 (Pareto distribution).

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