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Complete Subaddress

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Complete Subaddress - definition(s)

Complete Subaddress - One or more Subaddress Elements that identify a subaddress within an addressed feature.  A subaddress is a separate, identifiable portion of a feature, the whole of which is identified by a:

   - Complete Address Number and a Complete Street Name (in the case of a Numbered Thoroughfare Address)
   - Two Complete Address Numbers, separated by a hyphen, and followed by a Complete Street Name (in the case of a Two Number Address Range)
   - Complete Street Name (in the case of an Unnumbered Thoroughfare Address)
   - Complete Landmark name (in the case of a Landmark Address)
   - Complete Address Number and Complete Landmark Name or Complete Place Name (in the case of a Community Address)
   - USPS Box or USPS Address (in the case of a USPS Postal Delivery Box or USPS Postal Address Delivery Route address; for these classes, PMB (private mail box) is the only Subaddress Type permitted.)


   123 Main Street, Apartment 101
   1000 Aviation Road, Building 4, Wing 7, Floor 6, Corridor Zero, Office 2B
   RR1 Box 12 PMB 596

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