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Complex Event Processing (CEP)

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Complex Event Processing (CEP) - definitions

Complex Event Processing (CEP) - Complex event processing (CEP) is an emerging technology for building and managing information systems. The goal of CEP is to enable the information contained in the events flowing through all of the layers of the enterprise IT infrastructure to be discovered, understood in terms of its impact on high level management goals and business processes and acted upon in real time. This includes events created by new technologies such as RFID. CEP is a technology for detecting patterns in underlying events in real time in order to identify or infer higher-level events.

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complex event processing (CEP) - CEP is the process of monitoring and analyzing all events across an organization’s systems and acting on them when necessary in real time.

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Complex Event Processing - Complex Event Processing, or CEP is a method of analyzing data streams that combines data from multiple sources. Typical use of CEP includes finding correlations and events, to reduce redundancy, complexity and ambiguity in further use of data.

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