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Confidentiality - definitions

Confidentiality - Concerns the protection of sensitive information from unauthorised disclosure. (COBIT definition)

Source: The Data Governance Institute, 21 November 2009 10:20:20, External

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Confidentiality  - Confidentiality in a general sense refers to the duty not to share information with persons who are not qualified to receive that information. In a more specific sense, it refers to the confidentiality of communications provided for in Article 5 of the E-privacy Directive 2009/136/EC and in Article 36 of Regulation (EC) No 45/2001.

Confidentiality of processing also refers to the obligation of any person acting under the authority of the controller or the processor, who has access to personal data, not to process them except on instructions from the controller, unless he is required to do so by law (see Article 16 of Directive 95/46/EC and Article 21 of Regulation (EC) No 45/2001).

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Source: European Data Protection Supervisor, 26 July 2011 08:56:38, External

Confidentiality/privacy - These are two different, but interlinked topics.  Confidentiality is the ability to protect information such that only people authorized are able to use it.   Privacy is the right to control (usually to limit or forbid) the use of information.   Privacy may use confidentiality measures in order to achieve that control.   Sometimes this is related to digital rights management when information is computerized.   Digital rights management allows the provider of information do decide what the recipient can and cannot do with that information (usually for a price).

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Confidentiality - 

   (1) The state of being secret; discretion in keeping secret information.
   (2) Legislative measures or other formal provisions which prevent unauthorised disclosure of data that identifies individuals. Also refers to the procedures to prevent disclosure of confidential data.

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Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 21 November 2012 18:49:17, External

confidentiality - The right of privacy and of non-release of disclosed personal information. Applies to data collected on human subjects. Researchers may be subject to legal requirements to prevent the release of private, personally identifiable information provided by research subjects.

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Source: Cornell University, 01 July 2013 08:39:52, External

confidentiality - Confidentiality is a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information.

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