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Conflict of Interest

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Conflict of Interest - A situation where a person's may have a personal/professional/political stake in the outcome of an action that they are to undertake in an official capacity. Conflicts of interest are managed through controls, specifically segregation of duties (also known as separation of duties). In fidiciary or legal situations, conflicts of interest are taken seriously, and people experiencing them may be asked to recuse themselves from the situation. Data-related decisions, on the other hand commonly put individuals in positions where there are conflicts of interest that can be managed through governance. For example, a Project Manager who is incented to finish a project on time experiences a conflict of interest when asked to explore the consequences of a data issue, if the "best" solution would make the project late. The organization, anticipating this situation, may have policy that prescribes how the manager should act (or even whether an impartial group would be called in to make the decision).

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