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Content Management System (CMS)

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Content Management System (CMS) - definitions

Content Management System - Tool that stores, organizes, maintains, and retrieves data.

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Content Management System, or CMS - is software for facilitating the maintenance of content on a web site.

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Content Management System - Content Management Systems (CMS) are similar to Document Management but are traditionally focused on web assets (GIF, JPEG, HTML, PDF, JavaScript, etc.) and the web upload process (view-in-context, staging, roll-back, etc.). This automates and controls the process of web content submission & publishing by authorized individuals within an organization without requiring technical web posting knowledge. There are several commonly used terms for CMS: web content management, digital asset management, digital records management and electronic content management.

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content management system (CMS) - Software that facilitates the management and publication of content on the Web.

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