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Controlled Vocabulary

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Controlled Vocabulary - definitions

Controlled Vocabulary - Standardized terms and phrases that constitute a system's vocabulary.

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Controlled Vocabulary - A vocabulary is set of terms that will be used by an organization to refer to elements of its business. The idea of a controlled vocabulary is that this set of terms will be selected and managed by some individual or group in the organization. The controlled vocabulary represents an organization-wide policy about which terms to use to refer to certain things, and their normalization (e.g., spelling, numbering, etc.). Examples of controlled vocabularies go back over a hundred years. Library classification systems are one example of controlled vocabularies; a set of classes is defined by a central organization (e.g., the Library of Congress). A particular work is associated with one or more classes. It is not uncommon for the terms in the controlled vocabulary to be given code numbers (class numbers in the case of the Library of Congress) in lieu of (or in addition to) mnemonic names.

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