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Cost Benefit Analysis

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Cost Benefit Analysis - definitions

Cost Benefit Analysis - A type of analysis used to assist in determining the value and strategic priority of an action/tool under consideration. It's a tool for clarifying objectives, modeling financial impacts, and communicating project results throughout an organization.

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Cost Benefit Analysis - The analysis of the business benefit realized by the cost of expenditure on some resource, tool, or application development.

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Benefit-cost analysis - An examination of the relationship between the monetary cost of implementing an improvement and the monetary value of the benefits achieved by the improvement, both within the same time period.

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cost-benefit analysis - [organizational issues] An appraisal that attempts to compare the benefits (including social benefits) expected from a project with the costs (sometimes including social costs) incurred by the project over its lifetime. Generally cost-benefit analyses are used to compare alternative proposals, or to make a case for the implementation of a particular plan or system.

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