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Cost per Thousand (CPM)

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Cost per thousand (CPM) - definitions

Cost per thousand (CPM) - cost per thousand (CPM) is often used to define the cost per 1,000 mailing list names purchased, sold, or mailed; M is the roman numeral for 1,000.

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Cost per thousand - The entire promotional cost of a mailing package in the mail. Includes four separate cost inputs: printing, forms, and envelopes; rental of outside mailing lists; postal costs; and fulfillment (all operations to get packages into the mail stream).

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CPM - The total promotional cost in the mail of 1,000 pieces. This includes four parts: cost of printing, cost of the list, cost of the postage, and cost of all aspects of fulfillment at the mailing shop. It does not usually include the cost or preparation of the pieces, prior to printing.

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