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Data Architecture

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Data Architecture - definition(s)

Data Architecture - A discipline, process, and program focusing on integrating sets of information. One of the four Enterprise Architectures (with Application Architecture, Business Architecture, and System Architecture). See also Data Modeling / Data Modelling

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Data Architecture - The framework for organizing the planning and implementation of data resources. The set of data, processes, and technologies that an enterprise has selected for the creation and operation of information systems.

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Data Architecture - Architecture (1) The science and method of designing and constructing an integrated data resource that is business-driven, based on real world objects and events as perceived by the organization, and implemented into appropriate operating environments. The overall structure of a data resource that provides a consistent foundation across organizational boundaries to provide easily identifiable, readily available, high-quality data to support the business information demand. (2) The component of the data resource framework that contains all activities, and the products of those activities, related to the identification, naming, definition, structuring, quality, and documentation of the data resource for an organization.

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Data Architecture - ata Architecture basically deals with designing and constructing data resource. Data Architecture provides methods to design, construct and implement a fully integrated, business-driven data resource that include real world objects and events, onto appropriate operating environments. Data Architecture also covers data resource components.

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data architecture and design - How enterprise data is structured. The actual structure or design varies depending on the eventual end result required. Data architecture has three stages or processes: conceptual representation of business entities. the logical representation of the relationships among those entities, and the physical construction of the system to support the functionality.

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