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Data Source

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Data Source - definition(s)

Data Source - A source of data used by a database application. It maybe a Database Management System (DBMS), table or a data file.

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Data Source - An electronic collection of biological data, usually in the form of a database (such as relational, object-oriented or flat-file database), but sometimes in the form of a program.

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Data Source - A specific data site where data are stored and can be obtained. Any source of data from a specific organization, such as a data base or data file. A data source may include nonautomated data, but it does not include unpublished documents containing data.

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Data Source - An operational system, third-party organization, or external system that provides the data to support the information requirements of the client. The data source is accessed during the data acquisition process.

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data source - [Data Management] Any data. Data sources may include coverages, shapefiles, rasters, or feature classes.

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Data Source - In basic terms, a data source is a facility for storing data. It can be as sophisticated as a complex database for a large corporation or as simple as a file with rows and columns. A data source can reside on a remote server, or it can be on a local desktop machine. Applications access a data source using a connection, and a Data Source object can be thought of as a factory for connections to the particular data source that the Data Source instance represents.

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Data source - Sources of information from which data can be extracted or obtained (e.g. databases, web services, disks, files, organisations, statistical collections, units etc.)

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data source - Any provider of data–for example, a database or a data stream.

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