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Decision Support System (DSS)

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Decision Support System (DSS) - definition(s)

Decision Support System (DSS) : Applications that use data in a free-form fashion to support managerial decisions by applying ad hoc query, summarisation, trend analysis, exception identification, and "what-if" questions.

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Decision Support System - A term no longer widely used, that originally described computer system designed to collect, store, process, and provide access to information to support managerial decision making.

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Decision Support System - A computer system designed to assist an organization in making decisions. The Decision Support Systems and Enterprise Information Systems of the 1980's and early 1990's were forerunners of today's Business Intelligence (BI) Tools.

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Decision Support Systems (DSS) - Interactive computer-based systems intended to help decision makers utilize data and models to identify and solve problems and make decisions.

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Decision Support Systems (DSS) - A decision support system or tool is one specifically designed to allow business end users to perform computer generated analyses of data on their own. This system supports exception reporting, stop light reporting, standard repository, data analysis and rule-based analysis.

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Decision Support Systems - Systems which allow decision makers in organizations to access data relevant to the decisions they are required to make.

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Decision Support Systems (DSS) - An application primarily used to consolidate, summarize, or transform transaction data to support analytical reporting and trend analysis.

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decision support system - [computing] A computer program that includes data presentation and modeling tools that help people understand problems and find solutions.

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Decision Support System (DSS) - The purpose of a decision support system is to provide decision makers in organisations with information. The information advances the decision makers' knowledge in some way so as to assist them in making decisions about the organisation's policies and strategy. Key characteristics of DSS are ease of use, flexibility and adaptability. DSS applications focus on the types of problems encountered by senior managers.

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