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Directory - definitions

Directory : A table, block, index, or folder containing addresses and locations or relationships of data or files and used as a way of organising files.  

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directory - [computing] An area of a computer disk that holds a set of data files, other directories, or both. Operating systems use directories to organize data. Directories are arranged in a tree structure, in which each branch is a subdirectory of its parent branch. The location of a directory is specified with a path"”for example, C:\gisprojects\shrinkinglemurhabitatgrids.

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directory - (Publications Mail terminology)

   * printed matter of bound or spiral-bound pages comprised of an alphabetical or classified listing of names, addresses and/or other data, usually with an index and often with page tabs
   * a source guide or buyer's guide is a type of directory that may qualify as an acceptable enclosure under specific conditions (see source guide)


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