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Distributed Database

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Distributed Database - A database in which resources are stored on more than one computer system, often at different physical locations.

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Distributed Database - A collection of multiple, logically related databases that is provided to data sites.

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Distributed Database - A database that is physically located on more than one computer processor. It is connected via some form of communications network. An essential feature of a true distributed database is that users or programs work as if they had access to the whole database locally.

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distributed database - A distributed database is a database in which portions of the database are stored on multiple computers within a network. Users have access to the portion of the database at their location so that they can access the data relevant to their tasks without interfering with the work of others. A centralized distributed database management system (DDBMS) manages the database as if it were all stored on the same computer. The DDBMS synchronizes all the data periodically and, in cases where multiple users must access the same data, ensures that updates and deletes performed on the data at one location will be automatically reflected in the data stored elsewhere.

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