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Distribution - definition(s)

Distribution - The sorting of mail into pigeonhole cases, trays, sacks, machine bins, or pouches in order to group pieces with a common destination for transportation to the post office of address. It may be done by manual, mechanized, or automated means. The term is also applied to the distributed mail itself.

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Distribution - Distribution refers to the behavior of a process described by plotting the number of times a variable displays a specific value or range of values rather than by plotting the value itself.

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Distribution - 1) The appointment of an environmental contaminant at a point over time, over an area, or within a volume; 2) a probability function (density function, mass function, or distribution function) used to describe a set of observations (statistical sample) or a population from which the observations are generated.

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   (1) [statistics] The frequency or amount at which a thing or things occur within a given area.
   (2) [statistics] The set of probabilities that a variable will have a particular value.

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distribution - The sorting system established to move mail from point of mailing to the office of delivery with the least possible intermediate handling. See routing. [acheminement]

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distribution - In marketing, distribution is the process of moving a product from its manufacturing source to its customers. In computer software, distribution is the phase that follows packaging. The package will be on some distribution medium, such as compact disc, or may be simply located on a server where customers can download it electronically.

For open source software such as Linux, companies such as Red Hat and Debian specialize in packaging components from many sources together into a single package or set of packages that can be distributed conveniently to users as a single download. An open source distribution is often called a "distro."

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