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Document Type Definition (DTD)

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Document Type Definition (DTD) - definitions

Document Type Definition (DTD) - In XML, a text file that specifies the meaning of each tag.

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Document Type Definition (DTD) - Description of how content should be structured, providing rules for tags and characteristics, to enable programs to more easily process and store the document. Commonly abbreviated DTD.

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Document Type Definition (DTD) - Document type definition is a text file that specifies the meaning of each tag.

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DTD - Document Type of Definition is a type of file associated with XML and SGML documents that defines how to markup tags should be interpreted by the application processing and/or presenting the document. Schemas and namespaces are similar models for specific applications of XML.

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DTD - [programming] Acronym for document type definition. A set of rules that define the allowed structure and properties of XML documents.

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