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Domino Extensible Language (DXL)

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Domino Extensible Language (DXL) - definition(s)

DXL (Domino Extensible Language) - DXL (Domino Extensible Language) is a specific version of Extensible Markup Language (XML) for Lotus Domino data. Domino is a server program for Lotus Notes, a groupware application that is used by many businesses.

The Document Type Definition (DTD) for DXL defines the markup tags needed for working with XML within the Domino environment. This provides a consistent data format for non-Domino-equipped businesses when they access Domino data. Future versions of DXL will support Domino design elements, so non-Domino-equipped organizations can create or modify Domino documents.

DXL data must be converted to conventional XML when used outside the Domino environment. Conversely, XML data must be converted to DXL before it can be used in the Domino environment. Conversions in either direction are done by an Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) processor.

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