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Double Opt-In

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Double Opt-In - definitions

Double opt-in - double opt-in is a method that enables individuals to elect to receive communications such as promotional materials from specified sources. To start receiving the communications, the individual takes two actions. The first action by checking a box that is unchecked by default. After the first action, the individual must take a second action confirming their wish to receive communications. This confirmation is typically in the form of a follow-up email with a button or link to a confirmation web page. Otherwise, they are not considered a double opt-in.

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Double Opt-in Email Marketing - The process of collecting permission to email users whereby a submitted email address is not immediately added to a mailing list. Instead, an email is sent to the submitted address asking the user to take additional action to confirm that they do want to receive email communications from the marketer. If the user does nothing, the submitted address is not sent email communications. The user will only be sent email communications if they respond to the confirmation email.

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