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Dynamic Content

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Dynamic Content - definition(s)

Dynamic Content - Content which is different / more specific per recipient based on data held against them, i.e. geographic, demographic and/ or previous campaign history.

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Dynamic Content - Data produced in response to changeable, unfixed and retrieved from a database through user requests.

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Dynamic content - Web page content that changes or is changed automatically based on database content or user information. You can usually spot dynamic sites when the URL ends with .asp, .cfm, .cgi or .shtml, but it's also possible to serve dynamic content with standard static pages (.htm or .html). Many search engines index dynamic content, but some don't if there's a "?" character in the URL.

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Dynamic Content - Dynamic content is a way to display different types of website content based on the type of user. User data is captured based on past website interactions, or can even be captured from their IP address External. According to information about that user, relevant content can be displayed to encourage further engagement and interaction.

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