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Edge - definitions

  Edge - To position large quantities of letter-size mail on their edge for feeding into automated equipment. (Also see edger-feeder and jog.)

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edge - 

   (1) [data models] A line between two points that forms a boundary. In a geometric shape, an edge forms the boundary between two faces. In an image, edges separate areas of different tones or colors. In topology, an edge defines lines or polygon boundaries.
   (2) [network analysis] In a network system, a line feature through which a substance, resource, or traffic flows. Examples include a street in a transportation network and a pipeline in a sewer system. In a geometric network, a network edge can be simple or complex. A simple edge is always connected to exactly two junction features, one at each end. A complex edge is always connected to at least two junction features at its endpoints, but it can also be connected to additional junction features along its length. In a network dataset, a network edge is only connected to two junctions at its endpoints.
   (3) [3D analysis] In a TIN data model, a line segment between nodes (sample data points). Edges store topologic information about the faces that they border.

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