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Efficiency - definition(s)

Efficiency - Concerns the provision of information through the optimal (most productive and economical) use of resources. (COBIT definition)

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Efficiency - The ratio of the output to the total input in a process.

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Efficiency - The creation of the biggest possible profit with the smallest possible costs

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Efficiency - A term denoting to the relationship between outputs and inputs. It requires generating higher outputs as related to inputs. It means enhancing productivity, i.e less rework, less errors and optimal use of resources.

A term indicating the optimization of productivity (measured outputs over measured inputs)typically stated on a 0-100% scale. To improve efficiency, the productivity ratio must be improved (the input to output ratio must be decreased). See definition of productivity.

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Efficiency - Efficiency is a relationship between results achieved (outputs) and resources used (inputs). Efficiency can be enhanced by achieving more with the same or fewer resources. The efficiency of a process or system can be enhanced by achieving more or getting better results (outputs) with the same or fewer resources (inputs).

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