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Electronic Vaulting / e-Vaulting

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Electronic Vaulting / e-Vaulting - definition(s)

Electronic Vaulting, or e-vaulting, is the process of transferring data by electronic means to a back-up site as opposed to the physical shipment of back-up tapes or disks. The main criteria for affecting e-vaulting are bandwidth availability, storage capability, and cost. It is more expensive than conventional tape back-up and is utilized in cases where the speed of data recovery is more critical. Data may be stored in a dedicated server, a virtual tape library, or in the "cloud." Virtual tape and cloud storage refer to non-dedicated storage destinations where the cost of storage is based on the amount of space taken. Advantages of this method include is the lack of need to invest in hardware infrastructure (OpEx vs. CapEx), and the fact that only payment for current storage is required.

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