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Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

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Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) - definitions

EJB - Enterprise JavaBeans - EJB is a powerful component model for server-based applications as defined by Sun's reference. This framework provides the basis for component based, multi-tier applications that benefit from the "Write Once, Run Anywhere"tm capability inherent in all Java-based programs. EJBs provide server-side functionality while separating the presentation layer from the business layer, simplifying application development, and speeding deployment.

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Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) - Enterprise JavaBeans are server component architectures that conform to the Sun EJB component model. The EJB may be used to create a business object and related content may be sent using Java server pages (JSPs).

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EJB - Enterprise JavaBEans is a Java API developed by Sun Microsystems that defines a component (reusable "mini-program") architecture for multi-tier distributed systems. These platform-independent components are typically located on servers and often integrate a web front-end with back-end databases or legacy systems.

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Enterprise JavaBeans - he server-side component architecture for the J2EE platform. EJB enables development of distributed, transactional, secure, and portable Java applications.

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