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Gantt Chart

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Gantt Chart - definitions

Gantt Chart - A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart developed as a production control tool in 1917 by Henry L. Gantt, an American engineer and social scientist. A Gantt chart provides a graphical illustration of a schedule that helps to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in a project.

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Gantt Chart - A type of bar chart used in process planning and control to display planned and finished work in relation to time.

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Gantt Chart - A scheduling tool used to display the status of a project's tasks. A Gantt chart shows each task's duration as a horizontal line. The ends of the lines correspond to the task's start and end dates.

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Gantt Chart - A Gantt chart is a powerful and preferred visual reporting device used for conveying a project's schedule. A typical Gantt chart graphically displays the work breakdown, total duration needed to complete tasks, as well as %completion. The Gantt chart itself will not display level of effort, and is not an effective planning tool on its own. Today, Gantt Charts may be integrated with other spreadsheet-type reporting devices that convey additional information related to project planning. Furthermore, Gantt Charts are often enhanced with functionality that includes the identification of relationships between tasks, and the ability to dynamically change task attributes.

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Gantt Chart - [business] A project management graph that displays tasks on a schedule, often used to plan and track projects. The Gantt chart was developed by the American mechanical engineer and management consultant Henry Laurence Gantt.

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