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Geocoding - definitions

Geocoding - geocoding is the process of assigning geographic information, such as latitude and longitude, to street addresses and other map locations.

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geocoding - Geocoding refers to the assignment of alphanumeric codes or coordinates to geographically reference data provided in a textual format. Examples are the two letter country codes and coordinates computed from addresses.

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geocoding - [geocoding] A GIS operation for converting street addresses into spatial data that can be displayed as features on a map, usually by referencing address information from a street segment data layer.

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Geocoding - A geospatial process Invaluable for those who wish to match their business information to a geographic element. As an example, the issuance of a parking ticket (containing an address) can be spatially related to the City's geography by the address on the ticket.

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Geocoding - The act of looking up a postcode, address or location to determine its geographic position and other administrative data (see Geodata). A typical scenario would be to "geocode your store addresses" so you can plot them on a website map for your customers.

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