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Globalization / Globalisation (G11N)

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Globalization / Globalisation (G11N) - definitions

Globalization/Globalisation (G11N) - Process of adapting and modifying a product, website, or company for multiple international markets. Commonly abbreviated G11N.

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Globalization - Social, economical, environmental and technological perspectives to the many cultures that exist in the world.

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Globalization - The combination of the words global and localizations. It is the intent of providing local content and service on a wider, global scale.

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G11N - Abbreviation for globalization, with the number 11 representing the number of characters between the G and N.

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Globalization - The word globalization is used to denote the general idea of making things work globally as well as different practical methods and aspects. Quite often, this means internationalization followed by localization. However, it can also mean things like supporting different repertoires of characters, for any use whatsoever. Globalization is an umbrella term that covers internationalization, localization, and other ways of making data presentation and processing truly global, so that different languages, notations, and conventions can be used. 

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