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I-TRIZ - definition(s)

I-TRIZ - I-TRIZ is a research-based enhancement of classical TRIZ science, methodology, tools and applications (Russian acronim for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). Classical TRIZ was pioneered by Henrich Alshuller in 1946-85 as a science, way of thinking, basic set of tools and applications.

I-TRIZ followed up and

   - expanded TRIZ methodology to non-technical areas (business, management,scientific research etc.) and adopts it to the Western world, i.e. mental-,cultural-, language-, business-,teaching- models etc.,
   - provides knowledge-based integration of classical and new TRIZ tools and lines of evolution for higher repeatability, reproducability and re-usability of innovation processes and results,
   - expanded classical TRIZ way of thinking towards so-called Directed Evolution,
   - provides advanced decision-support knowledge-based tools and (e-)training materials

Advanced I-TRIZ methods and tools can be used for enhancing Six Sigma methodology, both DMAIC and IMADV or DFSS, especially when Six Sigma methods and tools are by different reasons inefficient and/or insufficient. It allows particularly to save time, find efficient low-cost improvement solutions already at the Define or Identify phase, efficiently screen measurements, avoid errors and reduce rework and consequently the Cost of Poor Quality of Six Sigma e.g. when determining the root causes of defects, designing for upgrade from 2-3-4 to higher sigma levels etc.

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