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Interface - definitions

Interface - The boundary between two systems or applications, where they are connected and through which data passes.

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Source: The Data Governance Institute, 12 December 2009 10:14:37, External

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Interface - The method by which you control anything. The screen is the interface to your computer, just as a dashboard is the interface to your car, just as a doorknob is the interface to a door.

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Interface - A linkage between systems which can be either automated (via software programs) or procedural (manual).

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interface - A named set of operations that characterize the behavior of an entity. An implementation of operations including the syntax of the interaction for a given distributed computing technology. A shared boundary between two functional entities. An established ordering of parameters (with specific names and data types) and instructions (with specific names and functions) that enables one software component to exchange data and instructions with another software component.

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