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Investigation - definition(s)

Investigation - Data protection authorities are empowered to conduct investigations, enquiries and inspections, either on their own initiative or on the basis of a complaint. Those are efficient tools to verify facts and collect more information where needed.

The EDPS, as a supervisory authority, is responsible for monitoring and ensuring the implementation of Regulation (EC) No 45/2001. To achieve this task, the EDPS has extensive powers to perform his inquiries and inspections: he can access all personal data, all information and documents necessary for his enquiries, and can have physical access to any premises related to his duties.

Inquiries and inspections may result in referring the matter to the controllers requiring them to improve their practices under the Regulation. The EDPS may adopt further measures, such as warning or admonishing the controller, ordering the data to be rectified or blocked, imposing a ban on the processing or referring the matter to the Court of Justice.

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