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ISO/IEC 17799

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ISO/IEC 17799 - definitions

ISO/IEC 17799 - ISO Code of Practice for Information Security Management, based on BS 7799 Part 1.

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ISO 17799 - Prepared by the British Standards Institution (as BS 7799) and then adopted by the Joint Technical Committee ISO/IEC JTC 1 in 2000, ISO 17799, is an internationally respected standard for information security.

Although comprehensive in the wide number of issues it addresses, it has been called a starting point and not a technical specification. However it is a good guideline for organizations to use to start or review a security architecture and the associated processes.

The following topics are addressed in the standard, primarily at a managerial level:

   * Establishing organizational security policy,
   * Organizational security infrastructure,
   * Asset classification and control,
   * Personnel security,
   * Physical and environmental security,
   * Communications and operations management,
   * Access control,
   * Systems development and maintenance,
   * Business continuity management, and
   * Compliance.

Now known as ISO27002.

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