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Legacy System

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Legacy System - definitions

Legacy System - An old computer system or application program that continues to be used because the user (typically an organization) does not want to replace or redesign it.

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Legacy system - Systems that were developed without using an enterprise data architecture approach.

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Legacy system - A computer system that's been around for a while.

Sometimes organizations have several legacy systems that have been developed at different times by different people for a variety of purposes. The data in these systems is usually mutually incompatible and sometimes inaccurate. One of the biggest challenges of the data warehousing process is to bring data out of the variety of systems where it currently is located and organize it so it all fits together in the data warehouse.

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Legacy system - An existing system that is designated for closure when the capability is absorbed by an interim or core system. It is not cost effective to modify or enhancements legacy systems.

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Legacy System - An existing system repository of information and processes. Link Test A test to identify errors in linked modules of an application system. Link testing is an extension of module testing carried out on a number of levels of detail. Examples include, linked modules of a program, linked programs of a functional area or subsystem, and linked subsystems of the complete application system. The link test is usually a white box test.

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legacy system - In computing terms, a legacy System includes software or database components inherited from a previous computing model which do not fit into an open system environment without some modification. In the case of the OpenGIS Specification, legacy systems are modified to include OpenGIS-conformant interfaces.

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Legacy system – an old system, technology or computer system that is not supported any more.

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legacy system - Any computer system, application, or technology that is obsolete, but continues to be used because it performs a needed function adequately.

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